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Africa Forum > South Africa - Sardin Run 2009 - Bad experience with Scuba Addicts dive organiza
Eric H
posted : August 29, 2009 Post subject: South Africa - Sardin Run 2009 - Bad experience with Scuba Addicts dive organiza
Very bad experience with Scuba Addicts Diving Adventures during the 2009 Sardin Run in Port St Johns. Due to bad weather conditions, we could not launch to sea during our first 5 days out of 6. In Port St Johns, there is no alternative to bad weather and waves are blocking the entrance of the river out to the sea as soon as the strong winds come from South West... which are dominant in June-July. Mother nature presents some risk that we all need to accept and to take responsibility for. As clients, we take on to pay our air plane and accommodations even though we couldn’t dive. However, Scuba Addicts made no reimbursement for the dives that could not be organized by them, even though they made no use of their boats, of the diving equipment, of the dive guides… no petrol used, no tanks refilled… but the guys keep all the money for themselves and don’t offer you any other alternative. As we tried to talk to them while we were there, Scuba Addicts eluded the question and refused to talk longer to us. He also offered no alternatives when we couldn’t dive. Back home, we tried to solve the problem with our tour operator: Scuba Addicts stopped answering their mails and telephone calls!! All Scuba Addicts proposed is 30% refund on a next sardin run! How insulting!! We missed 80% of our dives and they offer 30% refund and, on top of that, we have to wait until next year to be refunded, taking the risk again of 2 or 3 days without being able to dive again!! And all the benefits go into Scuba Addicts pockets!! Everybody should know that bad weather conditions happen very regularly out there at this period of the year. Even if Scuba Addicts don’t admit it, lots of aticles on the Internet testify to it and people in Port St Johns also tell you so. I strongly advise against Scuba Addicts for Sardin Run adventures. These guys are dishonest, not fair and put all the financial risk on their clients! Avoid Scuba Addicts!

posted : February 5, 2017 Post subject: South Africa - Sardin Run 2009 - Bad experience with Scuba Addicts dive organiza
Hi, That is poor, I do understand your view if no petrol etc is used then you should get some money back. Scuba addicts do a lot of UK advertising, they really are not helping themselves to gain custom if this is how they operate!

I have also been looking at doing the sardine run. Did you ever do it? If so, how was it and who did you do it with please?

I am going to S Africa soon to dive but before the sardine run.